Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hutong Dumpling bar by Katherine

Hutong Dumpling bar is one of the more popular places in Melbourne. About 79 other bloggers raved on about this place and their xiao long bao. But I wasn't in here for lunch or dinner, just tea and snacks. And just for a break from my assignments.

Hutong was rather quiet when I came. Rather it was closing time- 2:30pm to be exact.
They have a $30 minimum EFTPOS charge hence I had to pay in cash.
The ambiance was great and compared to the other place this was clean. The staff were in no hurry to usher me out which I love. I love to view the ambiance the place and take my time to do so.
On their walls like many others have said is the instructions on eating their dumplings. many Westerners apreciate this.
I had their silver thread bun ($8 for 3 pieces). This is really hard to find in Melbourne so when I saw that Hutong had them I thought yay! I wanted them steamed not fried. But still these weren't bad.
The other thing I also had was the chive and prawn dumplings which were yum. But the skin was a bit too sticky. I love the transparency and the freshness of the ingredients.
It took a while to make the dumplings but I didn't mind watching them make it.
I also had a pot of tea which was $3. It didn't have a lot of flavour to it but I could have heaps of cups and I did.
I wouldn't mind coming back again just to try the noodles and xiao long bao but that might have to be with a rich friend.
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