Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tom turtle

Tom Turtle is an ice cream place in the city. I think it is run by Malaysians but I know that they are famous for their ice cubes.
I wanted to wait a while until things have settled down and the cubes became less expensive. I also wanted to wait until they had some sort of discount for student clubs and their members. Well I was not wrong there. They had a 10%- 20% off the total bill for RMIT Malaysian Association and Melbourne University Malaysian club members. I was one of them.

The service was painfully slow and I got to check out the bathrooms which were just ordinary. But the whole layout of the restaurant is cute though.
I'm not so sure that the service and the way that the staff were dressed justified the price. The staff were dressed casually with no smiles. It was hard to get someone's attention because they were standing around the kitchen all talking to each other. There was one other Asian couple in there. I wonder why service was extremely slow and disorganised.
I had the HK style toast and vanilla ice cream cube for $4.95 and a ordinary green tea for $3.50. I got my cup refilled a few times for free which was nice.
The music was way too loud for my liking.
It took a while for my toast to come and when it did it was not cut all the way through. It was dry but the I loved the sweet flavour of condensed milk. They forgot my ice cream until I reminded them. It was nice but just a tad too small. But it was gourmet though which I can't complain about.
I cannot wait to try the crepes though- they look yum. And at least they are doing something about their staff and trying to recruit staff via their Facebook page.
I might just come again and buy more ice cream and crepes.

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