Saturday, August 18, 2012

The waffle club and the new PADRE store

The waffle club and the new PADRE store only just opened a week ago in Queen Victoria Market. There never was a waffle place before and it is what Queen Victoria Market needs.
I went when they just opened up their store. They are only opened on Fridays to Sundays and its in a really far location (in Shed M near the carpark). Shed M was really hard to find.
Now their waffles are incredibly small but good though. I had paid $5 for mine with strawberries and whipped cream and boy it was yum. A naked one costs $3 but the extras are $0.50-$1.50.

Now they don't do coffees here so I trundled up the road to PADRE another new pop up shop. I have been to the South Melbourne branch before and this is what everyone in Queen Victoria Market and north Melbourne needs.
They weren't busy as of yet. I did order a yummy piccolo ($3.50) with the nice artwork that the South Melbourne store is known for. Now I need not go to South Melbourne for my coffee fix at PADRE when I can get it here.
The Waffle Club on Urbanspoon
Padre Coffee Queen Victoria Market on Urbanspoon


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