Saturday, August 18, 2012

The espresso room

This place is in the Northcote/Croxton area under a blog of flats. This is normal for Melbourne cafes to be tucked away under houses. It is also quite close to a tram stop (stop 34- zone 1).
This place was featured in the Age cafe guide 2012 and I have passed it on the way to Bundoora, but I never got the chance to go in.

Here like some other Melbourne cafes they do their own coffee beans. Am not sure if you can buy them, but I got to try a long black ($3.50) which was strong and flowery. And it was also really big so am not sure whether I can sleep at night.

I also got to try a plate of pancakes with strawberries and ice cream. For $13 it was divine and nothing like the ones from Max Brenner. At Max Brenner I get two incredibly dry crepes with not a lot of banana and ice cream for about $15. Where as in here I got three freshly made, moist pancakes, some strawberries and ice cream for $13. And the plate looks much cleaner and better than the ones at Max's. I think I found a new favourite.

Like most of Melbourne's hip cafes they only open during the daytime and some nights for dinner (Wednesday- Saturday). I 'd love to go back for another brunch and see what others thought of the little cute place.
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