Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hall st larder

Ah this is what used to be an exceptional French place with all the pantry goods being sold. Well not anymore. The name "Hall st Larder" did really mislead me because I thought that there would be some produce sold here and I was looking around for it.
There are quite a few all day breakfast specials and the crowds are what drew me in when I was doing errands.

But inside was a different story. The service was a bit cold and there was a lady in the kitchen that frowned quite a fair amount. I was trying to take pictures of the food being displayed in the kitchen but that lady gave me a cold look. This was after I've ordered and found my place of course.
There's not a whole lot of outdoor seating like there used to be.
I got drawn into the cakes and of course I had to have those as well as the "$10 breakfast special with hot chocolate" and add about $2 for spinach which I thought it was great at the time, but  IT'S A BLOODY RIP OFF!!!! FOR SUCH COLD AND BAD SERVICE!!! There was one lady that smiled. The rest didn't.
And when I asked for my chilli sauce they said that they ran out. WHO WOULD RUN OUT OF CHILLI SAUCE AT 11.30AM???? Shocking!!!!
The eggs were nicely done but I think it needs be a little more spicy to add that extra flavour. Otherwise it turns bland. The toast was dry at the edges. The spinach was a little overcooked and some of the toast became soggy.
The hot chocolate was really lukewarn and bland.
The cakes were good though. I loved the flourless cake ($5.90- a bit steep for a small cake, but it was cute and really moist and dense). Same as with the cupcake ($1 for such a cute one).
I hope that they lift their game soon, or otherwise I will not be back. I might just come back for their cakes and salads (The salad looked really good btw but it was too cold for one). To the manager GET RID OF SOME OF YOUR COLD, USELESS STAFF THAT DON'T SMILE AND GIVE REALLY COLD LOOKS!!!!
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