Saturday, August 18, 2012

Miss Marmalade

Miss Marmalade is a cafe in Brunswick about 5 mins walk from the Brunswick campus. It is also near lots of houses and parks. Miss Marmalade  has been blogged about a bit.
It very down to earth which I love. I hate pretentious cafes which don't do much for me.
I love with communal talbes and this has it.

I love dog friendly cafes and this one is a winner with their dog terrace where people can sit with their animals. Btw I got to pat a few cute dogs and they were excited to see me.
They are also good with kids and I saw one staff member give marshmellows to the little kid whilst its mother was waiting for a take away coffee. I wish that everyone was like them.
Here they have 5 senses coffee and single origin coffee.
But I went for a $3 long black coffee. It was bitter and strong. And I loved the little tiny cup it came in.
And I also went for the $15.50 hotcakes when I saw everyone else's. I liked them, except mine was just a tad bit burnt. But it is easily forgivable. I loved the mascarpone and the berries. They added a nice texture to this and I was easily full afterwards.
Kudos to the lady whose name was Caroline- She was lovely and down to earth. Now I wish everyone is like her.
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