Saturday, August 4, 2012

Soul soup cafe

Soul soup cafe is located near the RMIT Carlton Campus and is also near the city campus.
Here they do wonderful soups and Facebook promotions. LIke them on Facebook to recceive such as winning the cool keep cup, which I did win.
This is pretty much like Realfoods except bigger and warmer inside. The ambiance did remind me a little bit about old SHAC.

Here they attract quite a few RMIT students as well as the workers. And the people there are down to earth and friendly. The manager knew me by name.
I had one of their soups for $7.90 and it does come with bread. It is really tasty. And I loved the turkish bread which added to the homeliness.
Ill be back with more friends. And I recommend that more people like them on Facebook.
Soul Soup Cafe on Urbanspoon


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