Saturday, July 21, 2012

La porchetta Niddrie

I have been to La Porchetta on and off within the last six years. And not once did it disappoint me so I thought that I better revisit and write this up.
For starters me and my friend arrived at 7pm and there was hardly anyone. I wonder why. Maybe they all went to the footy. I did however see someone leave their plates untouched. That might be a sign of things to come.
La Porchetta is a Italian restaurant and Niddrie is the biggest restaurant that I have seen. I think they around for years and years.
The service did seem a little bit disorganised at time and it was hard to get anyone's attention especially for ordering desserts. Some of them looked like they wanted to go home. I wonder why seeing as it was not busy.
I love the cute sign- very authentic

I normally don't take one of the bathroom but I just had to this time because I loved the street sign look

My ripena (filled pizza)

Affogato- $4.80

The coffee which was part of the dessert

Here they sell authentic Italian pizza and pasta and you can order them with some variations.  We had some soft drinks to start with a sprite in a bottle ($3.50) and a lemon lime and bitters ($4.20) which I thought that it was a cocktail when it came and thought that it was the wrong order. But it was lemon lime and bitters after all.  I wonder why the soft drink didn't come with a glass seeing as others got the same drink as me but in a glass. Friend A had half the lot and half the Americana. She wanted her pizza without garlic, anchovies and mushrooms. which was fine by them. Altogether it was $11.50
I had the filled Mediterranean vegetable pizza ($11.60) but you cannot have half and half which is understandable because the pizza has filling inside. But it did fall apart. Nonetheless I still liked it. The tomatoes was a little too sweet for my liking though
Then came the dessert which was lovely.
I had the three scoops of gelato ($6.40). Gelato is an Italian ice cream and here I chose my usual favourite fillings. My friend had the affogato which was nice but the coffee was a little too bitter for her liking.
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