Saturday, May 26, 2012

Has Your thai gone downhill?

It probably has, or otherwise I caught you on a bad day. I should have heeded Big Fil's advice and not go down that pathway.
But instead I did :(. I remember coming here in my early uni days and liking the place for its good food and cheap price. Back then I also liked its authentic food. It is a Thai place with Vietnamese influences. And supposedly a student cheap eat along Swanston st
There was no service and no smiles and the place was fairly quiet 2pm. I think all the people must have heeded Fils advice.
But nowadays the food is fairly expensive and gone downhill. Although the Age still ranks it as a cheap eat I don't really think so, having to pay the $18.30 bill for the mediocre food and drink. I ordered a spring roll with vermicelli dish, deep fried tofu and coconut drink. The coconut drink was too sweet for my liking and didn't have a lot of jelly in it.
The deep fried tofu was just ok... it was a bit too oily for my liking.
The vermicelli dish really disappointed me. WHERE'S THE SAUCE FOR THE DISH???? Why the steamed vegetables for the dish???? It ruins the dish for me. Its supposed to be light with salad, vermicelli and spring rolls, NOT LADEN WITH VEGETABLES!!! Its supposed to have some sort of fish sauce in a little bowl. The spring rolls were soggy. Why is it classified  a cheap eat when it isn't???
Never ever again. There are so many better places.

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