Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Wharf Hotel= not a fan of long waits

The Wharf Hotel is a place along the Riverside in the city. It is a short walk from Southern Cross Station. It is across the road from Crown Casino where you can see the nightly flames.
Here it was really bustling on a Tuesday night and I came with my library group of 30 people.I also had the Entertainment book voucher of 25% off the bill. Hence my meal was free.
They also have free memberships and it is the same as Campari House except $2.50 coffees.
They were really understaffed on a Tuesday night hence the wait was very long. I didn't stick around for dessert. The meal for me took about two hours, mainly waiting around for it whilst other tables who came in late were served first. This wasn't fair.

 Very dark ambience. Love the mysterious atmosphere

Here  you can see the river at night

 The menu- but it is a bit blurry in the dark

They do have lots of yummy $14 pizzas and a $15 steak special on Tuesdays. But I wasn't in the mood for steak. Their meals are big and everybody on my table loved their meals, but hated the wait.
But there was one lovely blonde waitress, but the others were just terrible. Took a while to get service at the bar just for lemonade.
I loved my pizza which was small, but yummy. I loved the thin crust on it as well as the pumpkins and pinenuts.
But if you love the one hour long wait then this place is for you.
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