Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chattime at Melbourne Central

I was thirsty and working hard as always.
So I felt like a drink. So where did I go? To Chattime in Melbourne Central; a kind of newish Asian tea place that has been opened for a few months. All the seating is behind the counter and I don't blame you for thinking that there is no seating when there actually is.
It was clean and really well lit and the decor was very modern. Which reminded me of Hong Kong and Taiwan. This place is really popular with all the RMIT students.
But with Easyway, Teapo, and Lucky cup just minutes away from them, they have to compete. They are featured in this year Entertainment book which is a buy one get one free.
The server's English was pretty bad and the whole time I was there the wait staff conversed in Chinese with each other.

There are many different tea drinks to choose from and you can choose either hot or cold. You can also choose the level of sweetness. I had no idea in store.
I had the longan and red date juice with fruit jellies in it for $4.50.  It was too sweet for me and I was hoping that everything except for the jellies would be blended. But instead they didn't and I found it really hard to drink. I kept on choking on the red pieces of date.
There is membership for an extra $0.50 which I bought and you activate it online. It has a 10% off all drinks etc.
I can't wait to try Easyway and Teapo. I might just go another Chattime shop, but not anytime soon. This location is on the verge of the never to go list, well for me anyway.

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