Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yoyogi= doesn't like it.

Yoyogi is a Japanese place along Swanston st in the part where all the Asian eateries are. They have been opened for many years now and is always popular with students and workers. I seriously don't know why so many liked it on Urbanspoon. In the first few times I went I always liked it, but now why have you gone downhill? Why is it that the rice is really warm now; it used to be great. I used to want to pay the price of $17.30 for chirashi sushi, miso soup, agedashi tofu and tea. Now I don't think that it is worth price seeing as the quality went downhill.
It was really quiet at 2:30pm when I came. The service is a bit meh to my liking. I thought you had to wait to be seated. But instead you seat yourself?And how come when a lady went to pay $14.40 on her EFT card, you let her when it said no EFTPOS payments for purchases under $30?????  The waitress was really confused when I ordered the chirashi, tofu and tea. And she was really confused when I asked her whether or not the soup comes with the meal as stated on the menu. And at the end when I went to pay I asked for the receipt. Again they were confused!!! Argh!!!! Is it really hard for a receipt.

The table was still a little bit dirty and still messy.
They do sushi and other Japanese meals
To my surprise the soup came with the chirashi and I really did like it. But the fish on the chirashi was really bland and not all fresh even though I could see them making it. Too much rice in the bowl and not enough other ingredients. And on the table next to me a guy ordered a yaki soba and it looked nothing like the plastic model. In fact it looked like two minute noodles.
But I loved the tofu. $5.50 what a bargain for 4 big fresh and yummy tofu. Agedashi tofu is deep fried tofu (like tempura) with sauce and bonito flakes (Japanese edible decorations) and spring onion.
So not worth the $17.30. I should have walked out without paying, but the cashier caught my eye and I had to pay. GODDAMMIT!!!! Not a happy jan!!!! I'd really like to see what Big Fil thinks of the place seeing as he probably visits.
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