Friday, December 16, 2011

The Radical Grocery store.

This store is an organic supermarket selling my favourite organic groceries. Here they are a vegan store. It is in the factory side of Brunswick just off Sydney road and near Jewell train station and RMIT Brunswick.
They are basically the same as RMIT Realfoods cafe in the city, except they don't sell salads or hot drinks. Instead they sell pies and pizzas for lunch. But they do sell bulk fruits and vegies and grocery boxes.

They do have a eat in area filled with books and magazines to make it homely.
They do have lovely friendly staff to help you out if you need.
I had a vegan chicken pot pie ($6.90) and a vegan energy ball ($4.00). The vegan energy ball was lovely and it came from the same company that Realfoods uses called "Super Orbs". The pot pie, although nice was a little crumbly and a little soggy. I think it had been in the pie warmer for a while and I had lunch rather late at 1:30pm.
For the Brunswick students this is the place to go if you love vegan food as much as I do and you can't be bothered going into the cafeteria for your fix. Brunswick and RMIT needs places like this.
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