Saturday, April 22, 2017

UMSU's night market and Xian Foods

UMSU have their annual night market and this was the first time that I have been. Here they have 19 food stalls and all of them was really full except for the roti one. The roti was really good and I did not have to wait long. It was $4 for one big piece.

Most of the student stalls have run out of stuff and most of them had no form of queuing. Everyone just grabbed everything. I was a bit frustrated.

UMSU if you are going to run the Night market next year make it not free (at least a $5 charge and the money raised can go to the International couch). If not free have some security around to check the tickets like the MCG.

And all the clubs should make their stall a cashless payment system meaning that people have to go online to buy a crown card (like Taste of Melbourne) or use EFTPOS only.

But the entertainment was still good though. And so were the decorations.

In the end though I went to Xian Foods which is a few blocks down from Melbourne Uni. They specialise in spicy food and handmade noodles. Although the handmade noodles I got were a little bit on the doughy side. The lamb in my noodle soup was good and so was the broth.

But I was so full from both. And the lady that served me did not understand me one bit when I asked her questions.

Oh well there goes another year of night market.
Xi'an Famous Food Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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