Monday, November 7, 2011

pepper vs patterns cafe

I went to Pepper cafe in Newmarket just to get a coffee whilst waiting for the train. This place is across the road from the station. They are pram friendly as well as sell beans by the bag. Their coffee suppliers are DiBella.
They have outdoor seating as well as inside.
A very friendly, down to earth guy served me and he let me take the pictures of the place. I wasn't in the mood for food, since I just had breakfast.
The ristretto ($3.30) was very biting and very acidic. The flavour smelt winey. It was a little watery.

Later on I went to Patterns cafe in the city. They were just opened about two weeks ago and they seemed to have people coming in and eating there. They do have some pretty amazing deals on food mainly that if you buy a meal or a cake you get the coffee free until the end of the year.  They also have a buy one get one free coffee until the end of the year.
Here their coffee is supplied by 5 senses. I had a piccolo and it was really good. It was very milky and they had a little bit of latte art on top. My friend had a soy latte ($4.00) and she loved it.
I also got the cookies and cream cake ($5.50). My god it was dense! It filled me right up for a little while!

Pepper on Urbanspoon
Patterns Cafe on Urbanspoon
Verdict: they were both good, but I'd have to say that the piccolo was a little bit better.


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