Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Byrd Cafe

I went to Union road to buy some credit for my phone and I was feeling quite peckish, from waking up late and deciding to go for a walk early in the morning before it gets too hot.
Here they have lots of Middle Eastern dishes such as zatar.  They have a great selection of vegetarian dishes. All the dishes here are reasonably priced from $4 (for toast that is) to about $17. They are rated in the Age's Cheap eats guide 2011. They have been featured in the Age's previous cheap eats as well.
This place is a dog friendly place and when I got there there was a really cute dog outside with its owner sitting and having coffee.
The place was packed as! It featured some students and workers who live in the area and know the owner really well. Although it was really busy, the place had a very homely feeling. This might be due to the friendliness of their staff. They did ask me how my breakfast was, to which I replied that it is really good. The staff did ask if I wanted a second coffee, but one is enough for me.

They do have an open kitchen, which is a plus because it allows you to see what they are doing.
I ordered a short black (ristretto size -$3) and a breakfast with poached eggs, red pepper, bread and other pepper ($15 each).
I loved the short black. Not too strong for me, or otherwise I can't sleep. The coffee was weak and it smelt winey. And it wasn't too bitter.
I loved the breakfast. It is much better than yesterday's breakfast at Theobroma's. The poached eggs were nicely done and the vegetables were really fresh. Bread was also nicely toasted and they were generous with the cheese and the peppers. This was a joy to eat and it felt like I was eating healthily. Not too much oil. And it wasn't mass produced like yesterday's breakfast.
I'd recommend this place to Eat and be merry because I know that they would love the breakfasts here as much as I do. The place is on the 57 tram line and is in zone 1
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