Monday, October 24, 2011

Breakfast at Theobroma's and ice cream

Today I went with my friend X for a coffee and breakfast at Theobroma Chocolate lounge in Melbourne Central. It is just around the corner from Cafe Torre opposite the United Benetton of Colours shop. It is right near the entrance to La trobe st, so whilst we were eating two birds came in.
Here they sell lots of cute gifts and yummy chocolates! I was eyeing them for a while.
Here they do lots of great breakfast and lunch deals one of which is the $7.50 juice/tea/coffee and bacon and egg roll. X bought this. I got the veggie breakfast with a short black ($12.50 altogether). The wait for the drinks was not long but the wait for the food was about half an hour. I could not understand why since we were the only ones eating in.
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X's bacon and egg roll came out way before my veggie breakfast. She was halfway through her breakfast when mine came to the table. She and I could not understand why. Food should always come out together and just after the drinks come, not half an hour later.
My coffee was good though. I wouldn't mind coming back for the drinks. The cups are so cute! X really did enjoy seeing them.
My baked beans were terribly meh because they were canned beans, not homemade. But the other stuff was quite good, although I think that they put too much oil in the mushrooms and the eggs were a little watery. X really liked her bacon roll and was willing to come again.
I bought some chocolates and yummy macaroons (those at $1.90 each). Altogether my chocolate purchase came to $9.20. They were handmade and tasted great. I think they were made by a chocolatier. I think Eat, Play, Shop might like to come here and buy the chocolates for herself and her bubs. The macaroons were a bit squashed from being in my bag for a while

If you don't mind the wait and the mediocre beans, then this is the place for you. If you love chocolate, this is also the place for you.

Later on I went to Limonetto in Docklands. It was such a warm afternoon and I'm on the hunt for good ice cream. I've been wanting to try this place for a long time, but just that it looked expensive. It turns out that it is not so expensive. Prices range from $4.50-$7 for ice cream. Some of the ice cream at Docklands I had was worse and was more expensive, but for $6.50 at this place you get a waffle stick and three really good flavours of ice cream.

The guy working there told me that this place was popular with the locals and he was right, because after I left, more people came to visit. He also told me that the strawberry and the limonetto special were popular. They tasted really nice today
There is no seating at the shop. Instead you can sit outside on the fake grass or on one of the wooden seats and watch the boats go by. This is lovely on a summers day when it is not too hot, provided that you remember your hat of course.
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