Friday, July 22, 2011

Illy cafe @Lt lonsdale st

Illy is a brand of coffee here in Melbourne. Hence they are also a cafe that specialises in coffee and hot chocolate only. There is only a limited range of food on offer. But they do sell some of their products such as coffee shots for $3.50 (sml) /$4.50 (large). They are an organic place and everything they serve here is organic. They use their own coffee blends to make the coffees.
Illy is only a 5 minute walk from Parliament station. It might be a bit hard to find, but if you walk past Trunk Diner you should be able to see a small sign saying "Illy". It looks like a factory from the outside.
The atmosphere was dark here. It was cozy and open here and looked a lot like a bar.

My camera's not very good at capturing pictures in the dark

The retro looking magazine stand

Illy's own takeaway cups

The gentleman that served me was warm and very knowledgeable about his products. He also suggested that I try the shortbread ($3.00). The shortbread was a bit too small but I did like the sweetness of it.
I was in no mood for a coffee so I had a hot chocolate ($3.00). This was quite nice and warm for a cold winters day. It was really bitter sweet, even after two sugars.
Since this place is near my workplace I'd love to come here again. This place is about a five to ten minute walk from RMIT city campus and if you just feel like an organic coffee or hot chocolate,  you should come here.
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