Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day out at Melbourne Uni and I've only spent $11.30 on meals.

Today was wet and really cold and I was in the library. I had brought my own lunch but I decided to go to Crepes A Carte outside the John Medley buidling westwards. After weeks of trying to find it I found it. I have read reviews from Miss Adriennely's blog that it was really good so it was time to have a try of it.
This place has quite a few savoury and sweet crepes. I'm not sure if the crepes are gluten free and I don't think they do vegetarian crepes.
Crepes a la Carte on Urbanspoon

They are enviromentally sustainable and they use biodegrable cups and paper. They are also student run and I don't think they are for profit altough they might beg to differ on that.
The sever was really pleasant to me. He was really chatty and let me take pictures for my post.
The place is really only a take away place is probably not such a great idea to visit when it is wet. My crepe Raspberry grappa jam with whipped cream was only $6. I would have order ice cream but it would have melted by the time I ate it.
The whipped cream had melted but the rest was so yummy.
The seating area outside. Here it is a bit too dark

Later on I went to Breadelicious in union house to buy my hot chocolate ($3.50) and a mexican bun ($1.80). With my chocolate I got my cheese breadstick for free as it is buy one hot drink get a cheese stick/crossaint/jap bun free. They have run out of the jap bun.
The server was really chatty. They looked like they were students. Both of them were in casual. I liked the Indian guy.
There is no seating. I had to sit outside in the food court and it was really cramped with lots and lots of students.
The mexician bun was bit salty for me. But I loved the coffee on top. It was also a bit small for $1.80. I have seen bigger ones for $1.80 in Breadtop and Bread and butter.
I loved all the foam on the chocolate, but they could have put a bit of art on top to make it worth $3.50. A bit more sugar would be great for me, but if are a not so sweet person this will probably be right for you.
The cheese stick was a bit too sweet for me. I think I would have liked the cheese stick to be salty and the Mexican bun to be sweet. I think they must have mixed their serving utensils. And the cheese stick should be cheesier.
Lets say that there are much better places than this.


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