Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sushi ten @city

My Mix Chirashi don (top), my miso soup (bottom)

The sign outside

The menu- they don't have paper ones

This place is hidden away in the Port Phillip arcade. It was hard to find at first, but in the end I found it. There were a lot of good reviews on Urbanspoon and I had found out that the place is pretty cheap.
It was so cramped inside and it took a while for my order to come. When I came at 12:30pm the place was packed with caucasians (and sone asians). So whilst I was waiting I helped myself to the free tea. Unlike the "How to cook and eat" blog (http://xyrecipes.blogspot.com/2011/02/bcritic-sushi-ten.html) the server did not watch over the chopsticks, neither were they disposable. But I do have to agree about the food though.
Today I had a mixed chirashi don ($15) and miso soup ($2). It had cooked salmon, fresh salmon and tuna, rice, avocado and cucumber.

The cooked salmon was overcooked. At first I thought it was pork. But it turned out to be salmon. It was really tough.
The fish was fresh though. Although I loved all the fish, they could have put more vegetables in my dish. And even a beancurd skins and eggs would have been better.
One mistake though that most cheap Japanese restaurants make is serving warm rice for the chirashi don. The rice should be cold and not with the wrong sauce. That sauce that they used is for wam dishes like tempura. The rice should be vinagared. I forced myself to eat the whole thing.
The soup was the only thing that saved the meal. It had lovely beancurd pieces. The seaweed was lovely.
This place was just meh. I would only come back just to try their sushis. But it would take a while to persuade me.
My advice to them is to employ a new chef. Someone who is actually Japanese and who knows how to cut sushi rolls properly
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