Thursday, June 30, 2011

Organic lunch and tastings @ Nespresso and Lindt Chocolat

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It's been quite a while since I last had organic food. It has been three weeks in the making. Realfoods is closed for the holidays so I couldn't get my fix.
So today I went down to:
1) Habib wholefoods
Here they are a supermarket selling some seemly organic food. They also have a cafe but it is only take away and like David jones salads they charge by 100 grams of salad. It is $3.50 per 100 grams of salad and that is not a lot. Expensive isn't it.
They also have some meat products, but I try to eat vegetarian meals 7 times or more a week. they have a bolognaise wrap but it did not look too appetising so I ordered a noodle and quinoa salad. there was not many vegan pies and meals. For a shop that specializes in organic food, they should have some vegan pies and meals.
The noodle salad was drenched in dressing and was not nice at all. The dressing made quite a few oil  marks on the box. There were only a few strands of noodles and only a small amount of chicken. The quinoa salad fared a bit better. Altogether it costed me $8.50. Except for the quinoa and the noodles the food didn't seem like it was organic
They should have eat in options available and plates instead of boxes for the noodle salad. You can buy those eco friendly take away plates online. I had to go to TOWFD to enjoy a few cups of tea (which by the way at Halib's is $4 for a large cup and everytime you want it refilled you have to pay another $4. TOWFD a refill is free and a cup of green tea is $3.50)
I would rather go to TOWFD than to Halibs anyday. Sorry but TOWFD fared much better.

2) Next stop is the Nespresso shop in Collins st between Elizabeth and Swanston st. Here I got a chance to try some of their coffee range and have a look at the machines. Earlier on in the blog I said that you can save money if you do your own cafe style coffees at home. It is so true. Here I got to try a decaf coffee and it was really nice, just like the one in the cafes.  Here the personal, small coffee machines range from $300-$399. If you are in a share house with your coffee minded friends or housemates, you can easily split the cost of the coffee machine between the four of you. For each person the coffee machine ranges from $75-$99.75 per person. A coffee nib costs around $0.70 per nib ( a nib is enough for one cup of coffee). You can choose your coffee nibs with the staff there to guide you. They can also guide you on which machine to buy and how to use it. There are daily demonstrations with the machines and you get to sample a free coffee.
The total savings if you make coffee at home with an Nespresso machine is from $408.50- $433.20 per person. A normal coffee outside costs around $3.50 and if you multiply it by 33 (1 week has 7 days) weeks it is equal to $808.50 per year.

3) last stop is the Lindt Chocolat cafe. Lindt is very famous in Australia for their chocolates and there are a few Lindt cafes in Aus. These cafes also sell Lindt products to take home as well as overpriced drinks and desserts. I had to wait a while to be served. I had no idea which counter I had to go to pay for my products. No one really helped me. Here I bought three chocolates ($1.70 altogether) and one strawberry macaroon ($2.70) to try. Here I found that the strawberry macaroon was crumbly and hard to eat.
The dark chocolate fared much better than the others, but if you have a really sweet tooth go for the caramel chocolate. That really gives you a sweet kick. The milk chocolate crumbled and melted a little bit in my hand making it hard to eat.


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