Friday, April 15, 2011

Chiba Japanese Restaurant

            This restaurant is situated in Moonee Ponds, about 10-15 mins away from RMIT Brunswick by bus. It is also within walking distance from the Moonee Ponds train station, so it also suits City Campus students.
            I have read really good reviews and had expected it to be a great place, but it wasn’t as good as I thought.  For Monday lunchtime there were heaps of people. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. Its also in the 100 best restaurants list in Victoria on, but I didn't find anything good to rave about. There was one lady who walked in to the restaurant with a tracksuit on. I really like to wear anything but a tracksuit to a restaurant. A tracksuit to me looks like you just got out of bed and couldn’t care less.
            The waitress wasn’t too bad. They were talking in Chinese behind closed doors: this suggested that the place is run by Chinese.
            This restaurant doesn’t do vegetarian dishes.
            I had the bento today which includes chicken, sashimi, rice, miso soup, salad, fried fish, fruits and tempura for $14. I didn’t really like the chicken; it felt a little bit rubbery. And the rice tasted like it was microwaved and had been out in the rice cooker for a while. Miso soup was a little bit salty but otherwise good. I loved all the tofu bits in it. I really liked the fish, sashimi, tempura, fruits and salad. The fish, sashimi and the fruits were really fresh. I loved the salad, but am not too sure about the dressing.

 Here the rice was a bit overcooked

Here I had eaten part of the ice cream before I took a picture of this. I forgot that I needed a picture

The soy sauce

The miso soup (here you can't see the tofu, but it is in there somewhere!)

            I also ordered green tea ice cream ($6), as I thought that I had to try it. Tried to just order one scoop, but the waitress told me it comes with two scoops. I really loved the ice cream….it was really divine. But I couldn’t finish it.
            I would visit again to try out their banquets and their sushis. But not for the chicken and rice. If they are in the list of 100 best restaurants in Melbourne list they need to lift their game. UPDATED: I also have read that several people in July did not like this restaurant.
NB: By the way the sister place "Chiba Sushi Bar" is much better. I really enjoyed their two handrolls and miso soup for $6.50. You got to pick out two rolls.
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