Saturday, March 4, 2017

Blossom Thai

Blossom Thai has been around for a while but no one has written about it. I found this place in the Entertainment book. I got given this book as RNIS are selling them for the Salvation Army. 20% of profits from the book goes to the Salvos for their work with the homeless.

Last year it was announced that 247 people are sleeping rough in the city and that harms Melbourne's reputation as a good city to visit and live in. One of the other bloggers on Healthyinternationalstudents site was quite concerned about the number of them that are there.

The book is $70 and with it you'll get your money's worth of offers from different cafes and shops in Melbourne. Some of them are tourist attractions such as Sovereign hill.

Which brings me back to this place which does lovely Thai food. With my discount I got all of my food for $15.10 which is not too bad. Here the roti was flaky and pad thai was very nice. Mind you I went for another vegetarian meal which didn't have a lot of tofu in there.

The other table had prawn dumplings which looked really nice. The other table also had the deep fried prawn which smelt nice and looked nice. And the other table had rice in one of the lovely looking silver bowls.

The sauce for the Pad Thai was not too sweet but they did use a lot of msg in there. The noodles were al dente and did not stick together. But it was very difficult to eat that with the Spork provided. They did have the wok hei in there which was good.

Rating: 15/20- do come by and do buy the new 2017/2018 when it is released next month of me.
Blossom Thai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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