Sunday, July 10, 2016

San Churro releases a new winter menu

This new Winter menu is healthier and lot less sweeter.

I have been to the San Churros in Highpoint but it has never been written about until now. Here they have had a makeover. The place used to be drab but now it is open and inviting.

They seem to have had a change in management as well. Gone are the days that service was slow and unfriendly. These days service is more friendly and now you order at the counter. The store used to be a lot bigger but now it is small.

Their raw cacao drink ($6.50) was amazing. It was thick and you can have it either hot or cold. It was not sweet either and you can opt to have almond milk in your one.

Their filled churros (one for $4.95 or two for $8.95) was also amazing. Here you can choose between chocolate and caramel. I chose the chocolate as the caramel was too sweet for me and I was scared I would make a mess out of it. I only had one to tide me over to dinner but some people had a fair few.

Also really popular is the churros for one. It is three long churros with dipping sauce. These churros are deep fried with lots and lots of oil. I can't stand the thought of eating all that much oil and fattiness so if I am eating these alone I often get the kids sized churros as I can finish these quite easily and not feel guilty. However many people gouged themselves on the churros for one and a hot chocolate/latte. I've often wondered how they would fit that in and dinner as well unless they sweat it out at the gym or go for a long run. Its no wonder so many people are obese these days.

Rating: 15/20- love the churros but they would need to cut back on the quantity of churros for one as it is just too many (if it is after 3pm that is).  They also should for health reasons state how many calories are in their churros. I also like their hot chocolate and it is good that they now have a cacao one. Please put this on your proper menu.

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