Sunday, April 27, 2014

Have you put on weight since the start of semester? You are not the only one

A lot of International students put on weight since the start of semester. They may be happy with their new found freedom which means eating out and drinking a lot. Or it may be due to stress. We share some hints on staying healthy.

Some hints:
1) Don't drink too much, Alcohol contains kj and so does soft drinks. My type of drinks would be Kombucha by the Good Brew co ($4.40- sold in many Health food shops). They may look like beer but its not.

2) Share a meal with a friend- not only will you wallet be happier but you'll be healthier. Most main meals and some desserts are huge.

3) Eat some fruits and vegetables every day.
They are so cheap so no excuse not to buy. In fact most unis have some sort of health food store on campus so if you forget your fruits for one day, go and visit them. All the city universities and Melbourne Uni is close the Queen Vic Market, so no excuses.
Dancing is one way to do exercise

4) Exercise and have some fun- there are a lot of free parks and beaches in Melbourne, why not? If you live close to uni you could ride your bike. Most trains accept bikes, so riding to the train station is better than taking the bus everyday.

5) Control your eating habits and don't eat too much before you go to bed- Your food will not settle and digest properly making you more likely to gain weight.

6) Motivate yourself- a little bit of motivation goes a long way. I love the loose clothes syndrome. If your clothes are a little looser then you have lost weight. You don't beat yourself up about your occasional binges. Don't weigh yourself on the scales frequently.

7) Be happy- Being happy also helps you be healthy. Don't stress about the little things. Do the big things.

Do you have any more good eating tips? Do share them below.

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