Sunday, October 6, 2013

Phamish by Claudia

I was in Albert Park that day attending MASCA's sports event. Since St Kilda is the next suburb up from Albert park I had the chance to check it out for lunch and so I did.

The place was packed just before 1pm with all the tourists that come from WA for the Grand Final between Fremantle and Hawthorn. They were here just checking out Luna Park across the road. Many trams service Luna Park.

They were opened in 2011/2012 hence they are still new and finding their feet. There aren't a lot of blog posts on this so mine might be a bit lengthy.
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They have outside and inside seating. The atmosphere reminded me of a Cuban bar. I know that they have bathrooms but I didn't check these out.

Although they were busy, I was ignored for about ten minutes. I had to ask for the menu. They honour Meld's discount of 15% off the total bill (it was their first time seeing this discount). Hence my drink of lemonade was free (normally $3.20)

They have pizzas for $10. Like Honey they have a limited lunch and dinner menu, but they make up for it by offering breakfast (I think its all day breakfasts).

But I was not in the mood for breakfast. Rather I was in the mood for pizza which you can have half and half for an extra $2. I had that and the Turkish Garlic bread pide ($7), which sounded very interesting on the menu.

I had the Haloumi pizza and the veggie pizza. Haloumi is a cheese that you'll find lots of whilst you're in Melbourne. It is a little bit hard but also has that Milky taste.

I loved both the pizzas, I think I'm going to have to go with the Haloumi one as it was more flavoursome. I liked the veggie one but that was a little bit bland for my liking. There wasn't a lot of sauce and ingredients to make it standout. The only thing that I liked was the onions. The Haloumi one with the olives was amazing.

The turkish bread pide was so garlicky. I could hardly taste the rosemary in there. But I still liked it though. But maybe next time not so much garlic and bit more rosemary.

Considering that I went to some of the other St Kilda restaurants this one is one of the better ones that I have been to. Next time I'd like to give breakfasts a go. Oh and students if you are coming to Luna Park and have the Meld Little book of vouchers come and check out this place (don't forget your voucher).

Note (updated on the 15/4/2014) Phamish are offering Entertainment book members 25% off the total bill. To sign up for the membership do visit our payment page.
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