Sunday, October 27, 2013

Peko Peko

I finally found Peko Peko after numerous tries. I am not familiar with the area so I found it hard to find on numerous times.

Peko Peko is a student cheap eat, hence there were many uni students and workers there. Almost all the routes except for number 1 all pass by and it is behind St Kilda Road. It is about 5 mins from the city.

They take EFTPOS, cash and card and they have a no split bill.

The place is small hence it is quite cramped. They have indoor and outdoor seating and if you are in a group its better to book ahead

I came just before 12pm hence it was quiet and easier for me to get a table. But just after 12pm groups of people came pouring in. Just like Laksa King, this place is very popular.

But their wasabi prawns aren't as good as Laksa King's. Laksa King's are bigger and better and they don;t have too much wasabi and mayo. These ones are smaller.

But what they are most famous in is their bento boxes. I had one of these for $13 and they were huge. They have a few different ones such as vegetarian and the famous pop corn chicken one.

I had the vegetarian one and I was easily full after this. I didn't like the cabbage salad. It was too bland. But I loved the stir fried vegetables, fried tofu and spring rolls. The fried tofu popped in my mouth just like the popcorn chicken would.

The bowls of soup noodles are huge.

It pays to do your research about the place before you come as the staff there are quite busy and may not have a chance to answer your questions about recommendations. There are about 34 blog posts on Urbanspoon and most of them recommend the popcorn chicken and bento boxes.

There is a menu posted on Urbanspoon and it features many vegetarian dishes as well as the popcorn chicken ones.

If I have the time and no money I'd happily come again. Students do visit this great cheap eat.
Peko Peko on Urbanspoon


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