Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vapiano in two visits

This is a sponsored post as I dined courtesy of Vapiano.

I have to admit though that I do feel sorry for them when they received The Age's harsh review.

Unlike what The Age claims "to be a cold canteen", it was nothing like that at all. In fact the atmosphere reminded me of a law library and the State library. I loved the reading lights.

It is mainly self serve but there are friendly staff to help you. Even the manager herself was friendly.

The chip card system replaces the need for waiters. You enter, pick up your card and menu by the cashier, go upstairs and then order at the many stations around the place. You order and then swipe your card and when you finish you go downstairs, present the card and pay. Everyone gets their own swipe card

1st visit I had the Verdure pizza which is a vegetarian pizza ($16.90) with a stolen recipe iced tea ($4). I loved the thin crust on the pizza, I'd happily eat this every day.  I had to ask for bread this time round because they don't give free bread with pizza. The base was soft and doughy and not chewy.

The bathrooms are pristine and they are lovely, open and welcoming.

2nd visit was at night and it was much better ambiance wise. I discover some smaller and cosier looking tables which are much better to study in. It was more like a bar.  I loved the intimate spaces

The staff weren't so pleasant then and I have to agree with Larissa on that point. They were a bit surly, especially the guy at the pasta bar when I asked about the buzzer thing and when my pasta would be ready and he said in an abruptive way, "NO JUST WATCH!!!!!"

I had their special of Leonrossa pasta ($14.90) which was with chilli oil, cheese, pine nuts and sundried tomato.

But they at least ask about the chilli oil and the bread and I wanted both. They also have bread and oil for customers to try; only during dinner though I liked the creamy dressings.

The pasta's fresh, like Larissa mentioned but what's even better was the chilli oil. The chilli oil added that lovely kick.

Oh and by the way I noticed quite a few lovely looking antipasto plates going around. Unlike what Larissa calls depressing, I call it attractive.

For dessert I ordered the "Death by Chocolate ($7)" and it was literally death by chocolate as I was quite full after this. But it was a great death by chocolate, only to be shared as it was very rich.

Great place for lunch but not so much for dinner. If you don't mind the service and love the swipe card this is the go to place. And its a bookish place. Great for the VU students and staff who reside a few doors up.

Note (updated on the 15/4/2014) Vapiano has a buy one main get one free for Entertainment book members. To sign up for membership click here.
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