Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shophouse Kitchen

 Shophouse Kitchen is in QV next to Max Brenners. This is where the old Della Nonna used to be.

Here they sell Hong Kong food. And they specialize in Roast duck and noodles.

The place was really busy that time with a lot of uni students. It had just opened. The place unlike other Asian eateries is clean and the ambiance is nice and warm. You can smell the duck.

The first visit I had a Lemon and Honey tea ($4.80) which was supposed to be iced but was warm.

The service was really fast even though it was busy. And I managed to get a seat inside.
The crispy bun I had ($3.80) was very messy and they put too much butter on this. It was very messy to eat. The crispy bun was really dry.

The second time I went it was a little bit better. It was about two months after it had opened so they would have settled down a bit. I came at 3pm this time and there was hardly anyone. This time my Green tea was great for $2.50 but my vegetarian dumplings ($6.50) were just ok. The filling was great but the dumpling skins were really dry and broke into pieces.

The service was very slow. I waited for about half an hour before my food came, whilst other tables got theirs.

They have this promotion where if you spend $25 or more you can pick up this Chinese cookbook for $5. The book is sold at "All books for less" for $15.

Hey Shophouse I hope you don't fall down the drain like Della Nonna. If you want to be in business you need to lift your game as there are lots and lots of good Asian eateries in Melbourne. In fact there are lots and lots of Roast Duck shops.

I just might come back if you lift your game.
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