Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mr Nice Guy by Katherine

As part of our "At home and Abroad" series

And no this isn't the bakeshop.

In fact this is a Thai restaurant in Healey's lane in the city. It is run by the same people that owns Middle Fish. In fact this is the sister store. Having read reviews on Middle Fish, I had high hopes for the place.

It is here where I saw the Thai looking umbrellas which remind me of a Thai street stall.

Inside the decor was warm and welcoming. And there was one large communal table which I wanted to sit at, but it was reserved for a bloggers dinner meeting. Which didn't include me but I was happy to meet them and they were happy to meet me and show me around. In fact I met up with David from The World loves Melbourne, Scott from Brunch Addict, Nic from Sharking for chips and drinks and Daisy from Never too sweet. And there were others too such Petit Miamx. I also met with Fiona from Zilla and Brook for the first time. Like Nuffnang they are publicity and production company.

Back to the restaurant now.

The waitress that served me was lovely and because I let her know that I was a blogger to ask about taking pictures, the tea was on the house.

But I had to pay for the Pad Thai with Tiger Prawns ( I think it was either $14 or $15) and the Rice noodle in oyster sauce ($5.50).

The rice noodle in oyster sauce was lovely. It was made freshly using the finest ingredients. It was very filling. The rice noodle in oyster sauce is a bar snack in Thailand and is good with beer. Except I don't drink. But I did happen to take a picture of David's beer (which he did not mind and I asked him).

I couldn't say the same about the Pad Thai though. The noodles were soggy and the Tiger prawn, although cooked was a little bit cold. Perhaps leftovers from Lunch?

To the other bloggers that came what do you recommend that I try next time when I come? Please feel free to comment below.
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