Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Groove Train in Docklands by Katherine

About a month ago I signed up for free membership at Groove Train. I was really interested to see what this Groove train and the one in South Yarra would be like. I remembered Sally saying and posting that the two Groove trains that she went to was bad (there was one in Melbourne Central and the other one was in Geelong)

I read the reviews online and hoped that this place would be great. I wasn't disappointed.

At 11am when things should be picking up in time for lunch, I was the only one there.

My server was friendly. By the way that he was dressed I'm guessing that he is the manager. But I could be wrong.

I had a short black and pancakes with ice cream, bananas and maple syrup. Altogether it would be about $19. But with my Groove membership card it was $13.65.

The short black came pretty soon after I'd ordered. But it smelt like dishwasher water and tasted burnt.

But the pancakes fared better. They took a while to come no doubt, but at least they took their time with this. The banana though was a little bit burnt.

The pancakes were just a tad dry, but at least they were still enjoyable.

I hope that more people discover Harbour town and this place. Its not right that only that two (Eat and be Merry and I) bloggers have so far discovered the place.

I hope to return someday.
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