Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ganache at South Yarra by Katherine

I have been to this Ganache a few times but have never got the chance to write up about this place until now.

So here it is.

I have got the discount from Meld for two Hot chocolates and two French cakes (pastries) for $24. These weren't just any hot chocolate but their speciality ones. Like Max Brenners and Koko black these are normally $6 each.

So of course on the weekend of the Lord Mayors festival Sally and I visited. We had to do the photo essay of the Lord Mayors so we thought it was a perfect chance for us to get out of the city. Ganache is about five minutes by train from the city. You can catch any Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston and Sandringham lines to South Yarra. They all go at five minute intervals. Plus on the weekend it is $3.50 a day. Sweet!

The Japanese looking guy that served Sally and I was lovely and he was always happy to help us out.

The place looks small from the outside but is big on the inside. In fact they have a lovely little gallery room for some private study away from the noise. The place when we came at 11.45am was quiet. Normally I'd expect that a place like this located on the busy Toorak road would be busy.

We had the $24 deal (many thanks to Meld Magazine for this) and we added some savouries to the list- a french ham and cheese croissant ( $6.50) and the Autumn vegetarian quiche ($5.50). We shared these and the cakes.

We were given two different forks: the shorter one is for the cakes and big one is for the savouries.

Out of the cakes we chose the triple mousse one and the orange cointreau one. Normally they are $7.90. The triple mousse was quite rich and decadent and the orange cointreau was light and fluffy.

Our hot chocolates came with a little sweet. The sweet had the texture of a macaroon. The hot chocolates were sweet, rich and decadent. For Sally it was too sweet and rich.

Our savouries were small but moreish.  I loved the croissant and the quiche. But I loved the croissant more. It had that lovely cheesy taste. They had made it freshly hence it took a while.

Note to self: next time when I visit I'll have to have their handmade chocolates and ice cream and some of that rich, decadent hot chocolate. Come on guys its not that expensive but reasonable for a good hot chocolate, unlike what an Urbanspoon reviewer said about expensive hot chocolate.
Ganache Chocolate on Urbanspoon

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