Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why having two minute noodles everyday is bad for you

 An investigative report where we had two minute noodles once each day for five days. We can put different things in them to make it more interesting. In which we did.

The aim of this report is for us to find out why they are so bad for you.

 During the course of one week we tried out many different brands of instant noodles.

Day One I tried some sort of Chinese brand two minute beef noodles with just beef in them. I have not eaten these in a while so I was like yes lets eat them and I was happy. Fairly.

Day two:
I bought my noodles for the week at an Asian grocer. The total cost is $3.65.

I had the spicy cup noodles and they were hot. But I was so thirsty afterwards because it had so much msg in there. My mouth smelled so I had to use some mouthwash to get rid of the stink and the dryness

At around 5pm I crashed. But luckily there was free food at the Gallery for me to nom on.

Day three
I just had plain old noodles. I am getting sick of the same thing. Oh well two more days to go of this and then it will be all over. I can't imagine what the poor student goes through each day to survive.

Day four
I have discovered that I have become recently forgetful of things. Last night I had a headache.
Today I had two minute noodles but this time with the leftover soup from the Mussel Pot. This time my noodles were just a tad bit dry. I used a different brand by the way and wasn't accustomed to their style.

Day five (yes this is the last day)
What can I say? Oh well I'm glad that this is over. I developed a sore throat after all this but I had learnt a lot during the five day period

Whilst they can cure hunger pangs in the short run, in the long run you'll crash.
Most of the instant noodles that you buy has already been fried. According to there is about 9- 28 grams of fat in there. It is bound to make you really thirsty and you'll lose concentration in the end. It was a worthwhile experiment which I would not mind doing again. But just wait a while first.
Now I can put myself in the poor students shoes.
It contains lots of MSG, flavor enhancers and too much sodium. Sodium is not good for you.
Hence you should only eat this once in a blue moon.


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