Saturday, April 20, 2013

Momo sushi and Yahweh

Momo sushi has been voted one of Carlton best sushi places. It has been opened for two years and already people really like it. It is popular with the Uni Melbourne kids.

They are featured in Meld Magazine Little book of discounts. They have 10% off their total bill. And today they also had another discount of $1 miso soup with any two sushis you buy.

The guy that was working there was Japanese but didn't speak good English. They have eat in and takeaway. But this is more like a fast food place with the fact that there is hardly any service.

Their sushis are fresh. I could see them making the sushi from scratch.

I had one inari, one miso soup and two sushis. Altogether it was $8.50.
The sushi was fresh and the rice was flavorsome. But the only one that I didn't like was the cold tofu with alfalfa one which tasted bland and awkward.

But I loved the seaweed inari. The rice was plentiful and there was plenty of flavour to this. Moreover it was fresh.

I loved the cucumber and tofu one- that too was fresh and flavorsome. It filled me up.

Last but not least the miso soup. It was just ok. I couldn't understand why it was in a plastic cup supposed to be for coffee.

I might just be back for their takeaway sushi and I encourage you all to use the student discount. Moreover I encourage you to buy Meld's book.

Afterwards I went to visit a little grocery store called Yahweh. Here they have not a lot of goods as they in Highpoint but everything is reasonably priced and they do have their members club. Joining is free. They have their members only events and special discounts.

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