Monday, April 1, 2013

Easy Way in Target mall

Easy way is a tea franchise and I think I have done reviews on these before.

But I have not tried the one in Target Mall. What convinced me to try there was the buy get one free promotion going on.

They had been "opened for a year" (or so they claim) but service was lacklustre today. They didn't seem to understand what a queue is. The lady that served me and the other couple had pretty poor English. The other couple wanted to know what the "pearls" were but she didn't explain. She did look very tired and she did not smile.

My tea was $4.30. I got a regular iced green tea but I added apple jelly (extra $0.60) to the mixture. It was nice but towards the end was a little too sweet. It was hard to eat all the jellies because they were not mixed in properly.

Now I'm happy to visit the other Easy Way tea places in the city, but just not this one.
Easy Way Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon


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