Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wood and Chimmney CBD by Katherine

Wood n Chimney is  just outside of Hoyts at Melbourne Central. It is where the old Groove train used to be.

At 1pm when I came it was very quiet. On Urbanspoon it has a rating of 50% why?

The place itself was quite bare except for a few cute signs and game tables.  Only one group of uni students and some tourists came.

I sat down at the arcade tables and right beside the postcard stand.

The service here was really slow. There was one Indian looking kitchenhand and another cook. There were only two floor staff. They both seemed like they didn't want to be there.

Here they serve supposedly "authentic Italian food". Their food was very expensive. They also do cocktails but they too are about $16 and expensive.

I had their $11.90 strawberry crepes (only they weren't all strawberries but other fruits in there) and an iced Lemon tea which came straight out of bottle and into a cute cup. I paid $4.50 for this.

The tea came really fast. It was just ok.

Whilst waiting for the crepes I played a few games at the arcade, but they costed me about $1.

But the crepes took ages...and ages...and ages. What were the cooks doing in there?

But when it came it was served to me in a bowl. Which was very strange. And with lots of cream and fruit salad. Maybe they should have just renamed the dish? When I read the menu I thought just all strawberries and berries.

The crepe wasn't made too badly though but it had way too much cream too it and not enough sweetness. I think I prefer the ones at Roule galette. When I first bit into the fruit salad it tasted like celery and onions. Perhaps the chefs used the same  knife and not washed it properly?

With that in mind there is a slight chance that I might be back to try their pizzas and just play the games. Give them a few more months of settling down and maybe they should hire some new staff. And then more people might come.
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