Saturday, October 13, 2012

Universal by Katherine

Universal is a restaurant in Lygon st which caters well for students of Melbourne University and RMIT. The RMIT Carlton campus is really close by.

It is an Italian place owned by Italians. Lygon st is full of Italian places which are authentic. It is a foodies destination.

The service was lovely and attentive. The guy did tell me right from the begining that they were having troubles with their "Pizza Oven", which was fine by me as I wanted to have pasta with a hot drink (extra $1).

They have $10-$13 Lunch Specials weekdays which includes a cold drink or wine.  They also do cocktails.

The mocha was huge.

My vegetarian pasta was great. Small, but the main thing is that it tasted great. The pasta was al dente (not raw and not too overcooked- just right)

I also had a homemade canoli (Italian dessert). Really creamy. And I loved the strawberry on the side. What a perfect way to finish off the lunch.

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