Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gigi by Katherine

Gigi is a sushi bar located on Swanston st in the city. It is where all the cheap student eateries are and is opened from 10am-11pm at night.
It was here that I walked past from the supermarket and decided to check it out.
At 11am it was really quiet and the waiter was a little surly. Perhaps just woke up?
I had the bento $12.50. It was with chirashi sushi, ginger, a piece of tofu, spring rolls and miso soup.
Loved the fish and the egg in the sushi. But I think it had a bit too much warm rice in there which I hate. It didn't have a lot of fish in there which I would have loved

I didn't really like the piece of tofu which I think its Agedashi tofu. It was the worst piece that I have ever had. It was cold and awful.
The miso soup was nice though. I loved the tofuy bits.

The white coffee came really late after a few polite reminders. It came halfway through my meal

All in all I might only be back only just to try the actual sushi itself. It did not look too bad and I could see them freshly preparing it when I arrived at 11am. Next time I shouldn't come so early either.
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