Saturday, September 1, 2012

Twenty & Six espresso

Twenty & Six espresso has been hyped about for some time. They had been opened for a year now and already they are really busy during the weekends. Not to mention the many blog posts, reviews and awards that they got for being the best coffee in North Melbourne.
It is like the espresso room in that they specialise in coffee and that the decor here is homely. They do have a courtyard out the back but it is not opened to the public. It is only for private use. I would have loved to have sat in the courtyard and played with the cat out there.
This cafe like others in North Melbourne is dog friendly.

But the music inside is way too loud for my liking. It gets busy on Sundays and was so when I came so it is best to book ahead of time.

They do brunch all day and the people here are down to earth.

Everything here is organic. The coffee beans are from Proud Mary with some of them from Seven seeds. I had the filter pourover ($8). It was the Don Pete Natural Geisha blend which was winey, cherry like, vanilla and flowery. It reminded me of Japan and their cherry blossom season.

It was here that I had the soba noodle salad ($17.90). You can substitute chicken for tofu like what I did if you are vegetarian. It was fresh but it was overdressed. And it had way too much ginger in it. But I loved the fresh, marinated tofu to it.

I'd love to come back to this place as it is a great place for coffee like many of the others in inner Melbourne.  I'd love to get the chance to try out the sweet Balinese rice. And maybe suggest the Japan club come for breakfast.
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