Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red Brick road by Katherine

Red Brick has just opened.  I heard good things about it.  I went in after my errands in Moonee ponds.
They are featured on Urbanspoon and with a 90% rating it is no surprise that they were busy when I went in. From the outside looking in they looked really small. But they do have a courtyard and its indoors and heated. Too warm in fact. But I loved the lighting and the plants and it does remind a little of Elceed. I love cafes which are homely and serve Coffee Supreme "Coffees". The Coffee Supreme is the best brand according to my tastes.
They do breakfast all day but I wasn't up for this. Instead I wanted to try the burger meal.
I saw pictures on Urbanspoon as to how great, cute even how the burger and chip meal looks ($15). So I decided to get that and the long black ($3.50).

I loved the burger meal and for that price you get chips, a burger and relish. I loved the beetroot relish it was yum. The burger was like one of the Grill'd ones freshly made and with a lovely sourdough bun. But it was hard to not make a mess out of this.
I loved the pickles on the side. It gave the meal a country look. It's unusual to see this on the side.
I loved the beetroot relish. It was superb. Heavenly.
With the chips it does not come with tomato sauce. I didn't mind this, but you might. If you do mind you could ask for tomato sauce. These were the best chips I had beside Schnitz and Grilld.
The service was lovely with a smile and the guy asked me how everything went with a smile, which is unusual for a cafe. In cafe's they usually just ask how everything went or they leave things the way it is and don't care about you.
This is just what Moonee Ponds needs and I encourage all the bloggers out there to check it out. Next time when I come I want to try out the scones and all things homemade.
Red Br!ck Road on Urbanspoon


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