Saturday, August 11, 2012

Schnitz cafe

Schnitz cafe is a chain of cafes in Melbourne selling chicken schnitzel. here they are located in Melbourne central and elizabeth st.

I went to the one in Melbourne Central in the cafeteria. I found that they had hardly any service. But what do you expect in a Food court?? But at least I loved the open kitchen plan though. I can see them doing everything.

You then order and then pay and then....
THEY CALL YOUR Order by number so you have to keep the recceipt. Mine was about $14 for a plain schnitzel wrap, chips and drink.

You can see them working on your burger

There is not much seating in a food court hence I just took it away

The lemon lime bitters was nothing to write home about....

I did like the schnitzel wrap. It was tasty with all the fresh ingredients but the chicken was a little cold. It had been cooked and then left sitting there for a while.

But the chips were to DIE FOR. I loved the chicken sea salt as well as the rustic potatoes. I'd order these again any day.

They might just be having a bad day.... but I'm happy to come back any day. Its filling and I had to share the chips with someone.
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