Saturday, July 28, 2012


I finally got to try this place a few after it was advertised as a lovely, bustling Asian tea place. It looked really nice on the front of the store and I can see that they use fresh ingredients so thats good. And its right near the new Swanston Academic building so RMIT need not build nine restaurants as all the places are near by. This place caters for Asian students. There is so many tea places in the area

Tea-Up on Urbanspoon

But there was not that many people there why? It was 2pm when I got my iced green tea with orange ($4.50). NO indication of pearls but freshly squeezed oranges and tea and ICE!!!! What is with ice at the bottom of the cup???? WHy????? I t could have come with pearls like the ones at Easy Way does for $4.50
And the waffles there are $8.50 a plate and the cakes looks measly and disappointing.

Service too was bad. The lady at the counter was not friendly. Hello I work in hospitality and know that it is rude not to smile and acknowledge bloggers. She didn't even smile... she just wanted me out of there. Next time I want tea I'll just go to Easy way on Bourke st.  Better service for a much affordable price. Witht eh bad service I think they will lose out to better tea places


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