Saturday, July 14, 2012


MADE as in homemade. That's the name of the cafe that I went to.
It was kitsch, small but really cute.
Everything here is homemade. And its cheap. It reminds of Realfoods, except this does coffees. Like Realfoods they have daily specials and they have good  chai ($4)
The owner is a lovely lady despite what some people say. She did enquire about my meal and asked my name. She smiled. I guess that's how the barista knows what people like. This barista is really good and their coffee is "Supreme" brand.
They have many organic foods and drinks here and you can have variations to the menu such as making the baguette vegetarian. You can bring your own mug into the cafe and they might give you a discount. Not many people do that.
I love simple food such as the eggs without bacon baguette which is nice and warm. But it's hard to cut. At $8.50 ($6.50 without the bacon) with relish it is yummy and heavenly. The owner said that everything else but the relish is homemade....

Which brings me to my cake ($4.20 for a big slice). It was yum. My colleague and I shared this. And she and I both liked it.
The noise of the trains does not help. The place is right outside the station and Pepper cafe is outside of it. I have been to Peppers and MADE is way better. At least the owner knows you and your preferences. And to the other reviewers sorry it has taken them a while to figure out the place. Hopefully other bloggers will come by and review the place.
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