Saturday, July 14, 2012

The cupcake Family

The Cupcake family is a little boutique store in QV. Here they are renowned for their cupcakes. They have been opened for years but I hadn't been in due to the bad reviews of the place.
But in 2012 things have changed. My guess is that there is a new owner in the place which seemed really friendly towards his customers.
he didn't mind that I write a blog post about this store.
This store has a homely feel to it. Which is great so that students can study during quiet times. But not a whole lot of seating to it.
I love the french chic feeling in the store.

Here they had $6 special of hot chocolate and a cupcake. I wanted to try both so I got it. the hot chocolate was too watery for my liking but I loved the cake. Not as good as Cupcake central, but it was flavoursome and I loved the icing. It was really moist and filling.
I think I'll recommend this place to students as a good place to study when it is not so busy. Despite the bad reviews. And buy a good cup of tea and cake and read away from all the hype at SAB.
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