Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Afternoon tea (well sort of and sort of early dinner) @ Kaneda

Kaneda is a very small Japanese restaurant run by Chinese. Here they cater for RMIT students as well as workers like Big Fil who went there a couple of days ago. It has been around for some time and because I study at this end of the city, it was one of my favourite haunts. And the word is was, because the quality lacked a little bit.
It was not busy, in fact it was very quiet for a Tuesday afternoon.
The service here was really fast, which led me to believe that some of the food was microwaved.
Here the atmosphere is dim which I love. It represents a big part of Japan.

They have an afternoon tea special between 3pm-5:30pm weekdays which I took advantage of. The bentos were priced between $9.80-$11.80 (about $4 discount) and it includes miso soup, rice, salad and free drink. I had the vegetarian bento.  I was extra hungry and I got a serve of tamago and inari sushi ($7 altogether).
The rice was very dry and the sushi was just ordinarly blah.
But I did love the tempura and the freshness of the bean curd. Well cooked, but the beancurd was a little soggy from sitting in the sauce; it should be seperate from the tofu itself.
The salad looked like it had been sitting there for a while, and the mayonaise was too sweet for my liking.
The soup didn't have enough saltiness to it. It was a little bland and where were all my TOFU BITS!!!!!
Now I remember why I haven't come back in a while and I never will return, even if Big Fil paid me to.
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