Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eat at Koy

Koy is a nice turkish restaurant just outside the South Melbourne Market. Here at Koy you can enjoy the atmosphere whilst you are drinking their turkish coffee with a turkish delight ($5). Everything here is very laidback.
The service was pretty slow even when the restaurant was not busy. I had to call the waitress a few times, and she did give me the attitude once saying "yeah, yeah- i'll be with you in a minute".  The guy however was not too bad. And the wait staff kept on talking to one another whilst the cook (who was making the gozleme) called a few times for them.
I loved all the beautiful decor; they were simply a feast for the eyes.
I had the gozleme ($11) and the spring rolls ($10 for a plate of three). Here these spring rolls were not like the Chinese spring rolls. They have cheese, mint and parsley in them. And I did not like the mint sauce that went with it.
The gozleme was nice and filling for me. The ladies at the table next to me glanced at my thing and admired it. Next time when Fil, Snooze and I both have time we shall visit the place and share the gozleme and the spring rolls and order another few turkish delights to consume.
I've never had gozleme with yoghurt but this was simply nice.
The only thing that was a real letdown was the service. If you like lazy service then this place is for you....but if not then keep walking to some other place. I can't imagine what they'd be like if they were busy.

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