Monday, October 24, 2011

Ice cream at Trampoline

It was so warm ,I had ice cream at Trampoline in Southbank yesterday. I'm still yet to find my perfect ice cream, but I found a few so far that I liked. This is one of them.
They are a little booth in the Southbank shopping centre. Here they cater for kids as well as adults and they create lots of new and interesting flavours.
For those that really like their ice cream there is the MATES program which you can join for free and they have special offers.
They have all different sized cups and waffle cones from small (2 flavours @ $5.50) to large ( four or five flavours @ $7 or $8)
I got the midi cup for $6.30. Here it included three flavours but no waffle stick. I loved the lemon and the vanilla flavour but wasn't a fan of the mango flavour. Here it was way too sweet and not enough tang

Trampoline Gelato on Urbanspoon


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