Saturday, July 30, 2011

3 Degrees bar and cafe

I went to the 3 Degrees bar and cafe in QV with my library group. There were about 25 of us in all. Outside was really chilly so I hoped we did not sit outside. Luckily we sat inside and they were great in accommodating large groups of people. The booking had been made about a week before.
The ambiance was really loud and noisy and loud music was playing. You had to order from the bar and they give you a table number. No water was offered.
The food took a while to come. My guess is because they are so busy, but really the kitchen did not look busy. I had a pinenut, feta and pumpkin pizza ($12.50), Ms A had nachos ($10) which she said that they were quite filling, B had pasta, C had a beef burger and chips ($18 or there about) and D also had nachos. C's burger was really hard to cut into because it was so big. I think they should have given her a steak knife. I had the chance to try a few of the chips and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was canned and obviously from Heinz. The chips were frozen and fried in too much oil.

A's tomato salsa from the nachos tastes like it was canned and from Doritos. Also the chips tasted like Doritos chips. I couldn't taste the guacamole and the sour cream because they were all mixed in with the salsa.  A and D said that they were quite filling and they couldn't finish the whole bowl.
B's pasta was overcooked. I didn't get to try the other ingredients.
My pizza's base was thin which I like. But they put too much cheese and not enough vegetables.
All in all I would not come again unless I really have to or if its for just drinks
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