Saturday, April 15, 2017

MFWF: River Graze

River Graze is one of Melbourne's big events which was free for all to attend. There were many tastings and sales.



Fed in French


The cider orchard

Free showbag if you sign up to the Herald Sun

Wine tastings

Pork crackle on display

My meal from Hophaus

Ice cream




Pizza bar


One type of cheese

There were lots of wine tastings and the one that I liked so far was the pale ale with apple flavour. This was strong and I was drunk easily. It was in a new bar in the Arts Centre.

The French festival was one of the best events with lots of sauce tastings from Carmellicious. And there was also the sweet section. But seeing as I am trying to quit sugar I wasn't interested in it. There was a Kroenburg bar but I wasn't interested in the champagne.

I enjoyed free strawberries and the produce patch as well as the cider orchard. Here there were free goody bags for those who signed up to the Herald Sun.

As per usual I enjoyed Hophaus's pulled pork bun with pork crackling for $10. This was nice but a little bit pricey.

And then on Sunday I went to the Pizza place at Crown. If you want pizza you have to buy a token for $12 and then they give you a small but great pizza. The wine/champers and beers are about $8-$9 each. They only have margherita and the one that I got was from Double Zero. Here they have great pizzas like Gradi's where the dough is soft and its really cheesy.

There was gelato but I wasn't interested.

There was also the balloon fairy but again not interested and I quiver at the sight of him.

Many thanks to the City of Melbourne for this wonderful event. Do go to next years one if there is one.


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