Monday, January 23, 2017

POWR Kitchen

We had a Good Food gift card and did not have to pay.

POW Kitchen is in Fitzroy st in St Kilda and it was after our run that we went there. It focuses on South east asia flavours just like Cookie and Chin Chin. Except there is not a huge long line like Chin Chin. I haven't been to Cookie yet because they are too darn expensive for my liking.

 POW Kitchen has about 20 different dishes and a huge long wine and cocktail list. They also listed Aperol Spritz as one of them on the board.

The service there was very friendly and attentive for a Sunday afternoon. I don't  know who was complaining about the service but seriously good. The ladies were really friendly. The place was not busy.

To start off with we had a lemon, lime and bitters. This was a little bit on the flat side.

We also had prawn crackers with a really nice peanut dipping sauce. This sauce had chilli in it but not too much. Katherine initially thought that it was free but it turns out that it is $5.

Then comes the char kuey teow with fish cake and lots of it ($18). It also had lots of prawns and the noodles were not soggy. But there was no wok hei to it which I would have liked. There was a lot of chilli in this though.

Rating: 14/20- still a few things to fix, otherwise good. 
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